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1.  Quiet

In this study circle topic, Swami provides practical guides on how one should lead one’s life and what to ask for from God.

“Demand from Me the removal of your sufferings, as a right. Give me your heart and ask for My Heart. If you give Me only your word, you will get only a word in return. I give you just what you ask for, remember!”

3.  Dharma

Swami says that every single thing has its Dharma (Right Conduct). What do you think is the Dharma of a Sai Center?

In this Study Circle topic let us read and discuss Swami’s words on Dharma.

5.  Travel Light

The number of those who talk pleasantly is legion; because, they need only cater to the desire of man for pleasure. But the number of those who talk usefully, profitably, beneficially is small for, few know what is really useful, profitable and beneficial for man. Most people are concerned only with the short run…

9.  The Bubble Of Pride

This microphone before Me must have been made by someone, is it not? He is not seen or known by you, but of his existence, there can be no doubt. Besides, it is certain he must be knowing all about this microphone which he has made. So too, there must be a creator for this universe and He must be knowing all about it. This universe is composed of the five elements and He is the master of all the five…

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