Event Reports

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8.  Mini Retreat in August in Anderson, SC

 Sairam Dear Center/Group Presidents: Hope you are all doing well by Swami’s grace. Please share with your members the following announcement and the link given below, about a mini retreat that the Anderson Sai Center is having later this month. The center members are happy to provide accommodation for those interested in attending. http://goo.gl/forms/AiCarGWFM85UBCWF3

9.  Sai Central Miami Center – 35th Anniversary Report

Our Center has its beginning when our late sister Maria Martin, better known as Cuca, and Gerbacio Gizan were invited by our late brother Osvaldo Quintana to attend a meeting in the house of our late sister Betina. At the time, her center was the only Sai center here in South Florida. New guests were only allowed to visit on the last Thursday of the … Continue reading Sai Central Miami Center – 35th Anniversary Report »

10.  Aradhana Program 2016 – Atlanta Sai Center Report

Aradhana Program Report Sathya Sai Baba Center of Atlanta Aradhana month was very special for Atlanta Sai Center, filled with additional Seva activities, chanting of mantras and preparation for Aradhana Program on April 24. Seva Activities: Umbrella and water bottle distribution to 450 needy citizens in downtown Atlanta and all locations we undertake regular service activities. These umbrellas are truly Umbrellas of Grace and Love, … Continue reading Aradhana Program 2016 – Atlanta Sai Center Report »

11.  Retreat 2016 – Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos from this year’s retreat are available at the following link(s): Photos Full Set https://goo.gl/photos/YeWYiUhS7E4iwf1C8 1. Retreat 2016 – Introductory Video 2. Dr. Shashank Shah First Talk 3. Dr. Phil Gosselin First Talk 4. Dr. Phil Gosselin Second Talk Videos of Past Retreats   NC Retreat 2012 https://vimeo.com/169575391 Orlando Retrear 2013 https://vimeo.com/169569342 NC Retreat 2014 https://vimeo.com/169569341 GA Retreat 2015 https://vimeo.com/169569340