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7.  Study Circle Initiative and Website Update

Sai Ram!  With Swami’s Grace, we are happy to announce that our 2016 Study Circle Initiative is ready to go!  A dedicated team from throughout the region has compiled a variety of study circles that have been uploaded onto our regional website.  These can be searched by keywords or trending tags, making it very easy to choose a study circle to align with your center’s … Continue reading Study Circle Initiative and Website Update »

8.  SSE Regional Theme for 2015 – 2016

At the end of the previous year’s SSE program, all centers and groups were asked for feedback on the various values that would be most relevant to them for the 2015 – 16 SSE year. Based on the response, a common theme has been identified to be followed by all centers and groups in Region 3 this year. The theme is “Loving Swami” and the practical application it … Continue reading SSE Regional Theme for 2015 – 2016 »