Regional Announcements

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115.  YA Newsletter – Fall 2015

Sairam Center Presidents: I am pleased to share with you the Region 3 YA newsletter entitled Journey. Please click on the link below to view the newsletter to read about the current and upcoming YA events/projects. Read Newsletter Newsletter Highlights: Regional Retreat Highlights Q&A with Nisha Lad and Bharat Sanders from Atlanta Current and Upcoming YA Initiatives Healthy Recipe Creative art Intro to sisters Shivani Aggarwal and Priya … Continue reading YA Newsletter – Fall 2015 »

117.  Updates and important Information

  Sairam Dear Center/Group Presidents: Trust you are all doing well by Swami’s grace. Please share following information and attached files with your members. 1. Here is a link to the 10th World Conference website: Please see the attached file for details on World Conference Exhibition.    2. Please see the attached file for those interested in volunteering and attending the World Conference as non-delegates.  3. Sai … Continue reading Updates and important Information »

118.  Regional Retreat Agenda

??Our regional retreat is almost here! Please share with your members the following final agenda for the retreat, information on the workshops, activities for SSE children and YAs. Looking forward to having an inspiring Satsang with you all. Workshop-Details.pdf Agenda-for-Sai-Retreat-Final-version.pdf SSE-Flyer.pdf YA-program.pdf