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Sort & Match
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3.  Picture Puzzle – Naveen’s Decorating His Camp Tent

Naveen is going to his first nature park camp in the fall as part of the SSE picnic in the Sai Center. His parents brought him a nice camp tent as his birthday gift when he turned 10 in the summer. He chanted the Gayathri mantra and began to decorate his tent with lyrics of Bhajans that he learned in his SSE class. Will you … Continue reading Picture Puzzle – Naveen’s Decorating His Camp Tent »

7.  Sequence these events!

Puzzle #1 Play this simple game of sequencing the Avatars chronologically (right order of actual occurrence). Puzzle #2: Who Said What? In this puzzle, you have to match the Quotes on the left hand side with the correct person on the right hand side.