Young Adults

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19.  Daily Gayatri Chanting

Sairam Dear YAs, Trust you’re doing well by Swami’s grace! On the occasion of “Sathya Sai Aradhana Mahotsavam” (offering of love and adoration to Sathya Sai), we would like to invite all YAs to collective chant the sacred Gayatri Mantra 21 times for 21 days. Please see the attached flyer for more details. We hope you all can join in this initiative as we pray for Universal Peace … Continue reading Daily Gayatri Chanting »

20.  National and International YA Initiatives Update

Sairam Dear Region 3 YAs! Please see below a variety of YA Initiatives happening around the country and the world. There are some great opportunities to get involved in! Loving Sairams, Sai Region 3 YA Reps All of us know that our YAs are super talented especially when it comes to music!  Please see the attached document regarding an opportunity from the LASA team … Continue reading National and International YA Initiatives Update »

21.  Serve the Planet 2017 – Overview and Phase 1 Documents

  “In order to protect Nature, man has to practice a ceiling on desires. He should not trigger the negative aspect of Nature. Care should be exercised in providing comforts as excessive comforts may spoil man’s mind and cause misery instead of happiness. Nothing good can be achieved without certain restraints.” (Sathya Sai Baba, Madras, Jan 21, 1993)   STP-Plan.pdf CentreIdeasGuide-.pdf PlasticReductionTips.pdf Plastic-Studycircleguide.pdf ServiceIdeasGuide.pdf Dear … Continue reading Serve the Planet 2017 – Overview and Phase 1 Documents »

22.  FW: Serve The Planet 2016

  “Foster the seed of Love that clings to ‘me’ and ‘mine’, let it sprout into love for the group around you.  Let it grow into love for all mankind and spread out its branches over animals, birds,  those that creep and crawl, and let the love enfold all things and all beings in the world.   Proceed from less love to more love, narrow love … Continue reading FW: Serve The Planet 2016 »