Names of Gods – Crossword

Solve this crossword by finding out the names of Gods from the provided clues.

  • Click on a clue and the associated cells will be highlighted.
  • Start typing in the answer letters. The cursor will move automatically to the next box.
  • To move to a specific box, you can click on the box directly, or use the arrow keys to navigate.
  • If you type in a wrong letter in a box, just retype the correct letter in that box.
  • Answer Legend: Correct Incorrect
clue 40 14 14 Y


Embodiment of Love and Sacrifice
Goddess of Strength
All Pervasive One
Goddess of Wealth
Remover of Obstacles
King of Ayodhya

Son of the resident of Kailash
Resident of Kailash
First Purna Avatar
The One God