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1.  Being Non Judgemental

STUDY CIRCLE SERIES: RIGHT THINKING AM I BEING NON JUDGEMENTAL AND ACCEPTING PEOPLE AS THEY ARE? SWAMI’S QUOTE: Do not judge others to decide whether they deserve your service. Find out only whether, they are distressed; that is enough credential. do not examine how they behave towards others; they can be certainly transformed by love. Service is for you as sacred as a vow, a … Continue reading Being Non Judgemental »

2.  Region wide hurricane relief service project

Hurricanes Florence and Michael have severely affected many areas in our region. Many of you have contacted us asking how we can help. With Sai’s guidance and blessings, devotees from nearby centers have been assessing and surveying the situations. Many devotees have been serving with various groups to render help as soon as conditions were safe. Our goal is to assist where the need is … Continue reading Region wide hurricane relief service project »

5.  Do Not Bargain With God

Study Circle: 09/30/18 Do not bargain with God Now, people pray to God to relieve them from pain, grief and loss, to confer on them health, strength and wealth but if you develop an intimate attachment to Him and make Him yours, then He will manage to give you all that you need. Do not demean the relationship into bargaining: give me this, then I … Continue reading Do Not Bargain With God »

6.  Medical Camp at Prasanthi Nilayam, 18 – 25 November 2018

Please see the attached letter from Dr. Reddy, Chairman Prasanthi Council, about the Medical Camp that will be conducted during November 18 – 25 at Prasanthi, along with the attachments about the Medical Camp that took place during Gurupoornima. There are opportunities for healthcare professionals and general volunteers to serve during this time. November 2018 Medical Camp Announcement Report – July 2018 Report – November … Continue reading Medical Camp at Prasanthi Nilayam, 18 – 25 November 2018 »