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  • Instructions
    Use this page to create a slideshow of songs for devotional singing sessions.
    1. Step 1: Specify the Date for this bhajan Session.
    2. Step 2: Add the songs by clicking the "Add Song" blue colored button, or type the lyrics manually.
    3. Step 3: Add any opening prayers like Om, Sai Gayathri etc.
    4. Step 4: Add any closing prayers like Om Tat Sat, Arathi etc.
    5. Step 5: Song lists can be saved and restored later using the "Song List Management" menu.
    6. Click on the Song Title to edit details of the song.
    7. Songs can be rearranged by clicking the icon, and dragging the song to the new location.
Song List in Lockdown Mode

The song list has been placed in lockdown mode to allow for arranging the songs. During this period, if members sign up, those songs will not be added to this list. They'd have to be manually added later.

Once you are done editing the song list, please use the "Song List Management" menu at the bottom to disable the lockdown mode, so when members use signup form, those songs can be added to this list automatically.



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    • Lock Song List For Editing

      If you are going to arrange the songs, enable the below switch. This will freeze the song list, and will prevent automatic updates of the song list due to members signing up. Once you are done editing, disable the switch. This will resume automatic updates of the song list when members sign up.


      1. If this switch is disabled, when members sign up, those songs would be automatically added to the song list. This is the detault mode.
      2. If this switch is enabled, and any members sign up during that time, those songs will NOT be added to the list. They would have to be manually added to the song list later.
      3. This switch will be reset to disabled once the next week's sign up period starts.


      Place Song List in Lockdown Mode: 
    If you need help retrieving your song list, please email
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    If your computer and projector support split display, you can control the slideshow from your main display, while the projector shows the slideshow. To do this, follow the below steps:
    1. Click the button to "Start Presentation In A New Window".
    2. Move the newly launched browser tab to the projector's display.
    3. Control the slideshow from the buttons on the this current tab.
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    To project songs live during open bhajan sessions, use the below search panel and click on the "Project This Song on Screen" button in the search result.