Sai Divine Places

Swami has traveled extensively across the length and breadth of India and also has traveled abroad once. In this crossword, you have to find out the names of some of those holy cities. Each of these places is special in that there is a well known story behind Swami’s visit to these places.

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clue 40 14 11 Y


The valley that Swami visited twice,and even addressed the Indian army while there
Along with 1D, the only two countries that Swami visited outside India
Swami installed a Vitthala Temple atop this scenic hill
The Lotus shaped Residence

See 5A
A part of the village Swami was born in
Swami’s residence in Kodaikanal
The hallowed hall where many a program happens in Swami’s presence
Location of the iconic temple where little Sathya was seen both outside and inside the sanctum santorum
See 8A