Solve These Quotes – 5 – Hard

Inside these jumbled words are contained priceless quotes that our Beloved Bhagawan has advised us to follow. Try to re-arrange the letters and words to find out the quotes.

Remember, pace yourself and good luck!

Quote #1

  • There's a quote hidden in these jumbled words
  • There are two ways to solve this puzzle. You can type in the word in the box below the letters.
  • Or, you can use just the mouse and rearrange the letters to the right place.
  • Also, notice if the words are in the right order. For puzzles that require the words to be rearranged, you can rearrange the words by dragging the handle on the top left. The handle would look like this: .
YYThere is only one law, the law of Karma

Quote #2

Feature Articles: Radio Sai Study Circle - September 2010 is found inside of you

Quote #3

The Eight Flowers That Please God to man, is service to God

Puzzle created by a Group II SSE student