Submit A Song – SSIO Zone 1, USA National Songs Database

Sairam and thank you for submitting a new song to the national database. Please follow the below instructions to submit the song.
  1. Please use Bhajan Search to search for songs already present in the database.

  2. If the song is found, please provide your comments on the song details page.

  3. If the song is not found, please use this form to submit a new song.

  4. In the first section, provide your contact information, so we could reach out to you if we need any clarifications about the song you are submitting.

  5. In the “Song Details” section, type in the lyrics to the song, and provide the meaning and link to the song if available. Also, you can upload a recording of the song that you may have with you.

  6. The section titled “Additional Information”, is about the musical aspects of the song, and is optional.

  7. Once you make your submission, we will review and update the database as applicable. You would also receive an email confirming your submission.

  8. If you need any help, have questions, or wish to provide feedback, please email them to