Transformation Experiences – Retreat 2017


We welcome devotees to share your stories of transformation from your participation in this year’s retreat.

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Transformation Experiences Shared By Devotees
  1. Experience #1

    I have attended the workshop, ‘it takes a village to raise the child’. Basic thing which we did in workshop is you can write a name of child (other than your own child) who is suffering from something and you want to pray to swami to bless them. I wrote a name of my relative’s kid who has some genetic issue and cannot walk. She is 4yrs old now. Cure for this kind of issue is still under clinical trials phase. Parents were trying real hard from couple of months to get approval from insurance as this is very expensive medication as it is in clinical trials phase.

    The workshop happened in the morning on Saturday. Saturday evening parents got a call from insurance that everything is approved and kid got her first dose last week. This means a lot to them. Thank you swami and thanks to the workshop organizers. This proves ‘prayers are powerful’.

    - Arch M, Raleigh, NC
  2. Experience #2

    The retreat was transformative. I personally had several of the best mediations/most peaceful experiences during the group singing with so many devotees. The most impactful experience however was when I returned from the retreat. Our center members who attended shared their personal experiences and the whole center seemed aglow from their experience. I hope this cultivation of spirituality through these amazing retreats continues to grow as it has in the past years. Sai Ram!

    - Andr D, Tampa Bay, FL
  3. Experience #3

    While return, we felt like returning from Parthi after Swami’s Darshan! All Experiences shared by different speakers are so great and still vibrating in our minds, as if the real time videos shared especially by Beloved Sai Sister – Gitaram!! Can’t wait to hear about the next retreat!!!

    - Sast, Jacksonville, FL
  4. Experience #4

    So I asked my son, during Sunday second snack break,” what is your favorite part of the retreat so far? “. He said ” snack time. I smiled to him and kept eating. Then he said” Mom, I now I told you I didn’t want to come, but I am glad now that I did “. So if you ask me, what was my favorite part of the retreat, I say SNACK TIME. ?

    - Mari F, Greensboro, NC