What should Naomi do?

Puzzle #1

A little puzzle on Respect

Little Naomi is in a pickle. She loves to eat candies, but her recent dentist visit did not work out so well. The dentist told her that she had cavities in four of her teeth.

Her mommy is not amused, and tells Naomi to stop eating candies before it causes more problems to her teeth. What should little Naomi do?

  • Arrange the entries in the right sequence in the grid(s).
  • You can click on the entries and drag them around to reposition them.
  • Match The Following: You can drag the left hand side entry to the correct entry on the right hand side. A line will be drawn automatically connecting the entries.
Naomi should

Limit her candy content gradually
Not listen to her mommy, and keep eating more candies
Explain the benefits of candy eating to her mommy